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Join H.V.M.N. Co-founder and Executive Chair, Geoffrey Woo, on his journey to deconstruct how we can become the best versions of ourselves. Guests include professionals spanning nutrition, fitness, biohacking and entrepreneurship.

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Redefining Manhood with the Captain's Lifestyle w/ Taylor Morgan | H.V.M.N. Podcast

A Master Class on Metabolism, Insulin Resistance, And Chronic Disease w/ Dr. Rob Cywes | H.V.M.N. Podcast

He Beat 5 Brain Tumors and Turned it Into a Positive w/ Josh Perry | H.V.M.N. Podcast

From Kreatures of Habit to Creators of Habit w/ Michael Chernow | H.V.M.N. Podcast

Keto Flex Your Way into Health! w/ Ben Azadi | H.V.M.N. Podcast

Optimized Training for a Greater Life w/ Eric Hinman | H.V.M.N. Podcast

Solving Neurodegenerative Disease with Keto w/ Chris Irvin - H.V.M.N. Podcast

How Self-Love Helped Him Lose 75lbs! w/ Drew Manning - H.V.M.N. Podcast

Exercise Creates Bigger Brains w/ Louisa Nicola - H.V.M.N. Podcast

The Current State of Ketone Research w/ Dr. Dom D'Agostino and Dr. Angela Poff - H.V.M.N. Podcast

Optimizing Brain Power: Eat Meat, Avoid Veggies? Carnivore Diet Science ft. L. Amber O'Hearn

Before & After Keto: Losing Weight, Gaining Muscle, & Correcting Health ft. Crystal Reneau

Can You Age Backwards? Dr. David Sinclair Explains Epigenetic Reprogramming & Lifespan Extension

Fasted vs. Fed Exercise: Which Should You Do? [Science + Best Tips] · Study Analysis

Boost Your Skin, Hair, & Bone Health with Collagen Peptides • Behind Keto Collagen+

Keto Diet, Fasting, & Exogenous Ketones Improve Gut Health & Stem Cell Function · Study Analysis

Carnivore Conquers 7-Day Fast, Bacterial Infection, & Depression ft. Mikhaila Peterson

Heart Health & Diabetes: How Diet & Hypoxia Affects Metabolic Flexibility ft. Dr. Latt Mansor

Carnivore vs. Vegan Diet: Separating Science from Dogma ft. Frank Tufano

Healthy Fats on Keto: The Inside Scoop on H.V.M.N. MCT Oil Powder (Ingredients & Benefits)

Animal-Based, Ketogenic Ultra Runner Crushes 100 Mile World Record ft. Zach Bitter

Why We Age, and How We Can Control It · Harvard Professor David Sinclair's Secrets for Longevity

Staying Fit on Keto, Vegan vs. Carnivore, & Cutting Out Caffeine ft. Thomas DeLauer

Metabolic Syndrome: Criteria, Causes, & How To Reverse It ft. Ivor Cummins

Bringing H.V.M.N. Ketone to Life: Turning Decades of Research Into a Product ft. Dr. Brianna Stubbs

How You Can Benefit From Skipping Dinner: An Intermittent Fasting Study

Gaining & Losing 75lbs (On Purpose): Challenges Faced, Lessons Learned

H.V.M.N. Ketone in the Tour de France: A Metabolic Advantage ft. Professor Kieran Clarke

Nose-to-Tail Carnivore Diet: Organ Meat, TMAO Implications, & Reaching Ketosis ft. Dr. Paul Saladino

Summiting Everest in World Record-Breaking Time ft. Roxanne Vogel

Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle: Breaking Down Macros & Exercise ft. Menno Henselmans

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Through Low-Carb Nutrition ft. Dr. Terry Wahls

Peak Carnivore: The Ironman Champ Who Only Eats Meat ft. Pete Jacobs

Performance Adaptability: Succeeding Out of Your Element, Veteran Issues, & Improving Work Presence ft. John Allen

Are Beyond Meat Burgers Actually Healthy? · Geoff Talk

Intermittent Fasting When Stressed & Understanding Blood Sugar Spikes ft. Dr. Molly Maloof

Why Your Brain Feels Smart on Ketones

Mental Flexibility: How a Tour de France Cyclist Adapted to Silicon Valley ft. Dylan Casey

Ketone Esters Prevent Overtraining · Research Roundup

Optimal Nutrition Made Easy: Behind Ketogenic Meal Replacements ft. Connor Young

Facebook Bans Millions of Keto Diet Followers (Banting 7-Day Meal Plans) ft. Rita Venter

Hi, Fat: Challenging Carbohydrates, Brain-body Connection, & Reversing Diabetes ft. Prof Tim Noakes

Keto Diet for Heart Health: Preventing Cardiovascular Disease ft. Dr. Ethan Weiss (Keyto)

The Science Behind Omega Fatty Acids ft. Brianna Stubbs

Sleep Easy, Track Hard: Behind the Oura Ring ft. Petteri Lahtela

Restoring Brain Function with MCT Oil: An Alzheimer's Case Study ft. Dr. Mary Newport

Can Ketones Reduce Anxiety? Here's the Current Research, Mechanisms of Action, & More

Intermittent Fasting as Medicine ft. Dr. Jason Fung

Gut Microbiome: Impact of Ketogenic Diet & Intermittent Fasting || Research Roundup

No...Eggs WON'T Cause Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, or Death

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