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In a recent episode of the H.V.M.N Podcast, host Latt Mansor engaged in an insightful discussion with expert Dan Garner on the topic of steroid usage and its effect on human performance. The conversation shed light on the allure of anabolic steroids and the potential consequences, especially among those lacking proper training knowledge.

Dan emphasized that many individuals resort to drugs, including anabolic steroids, before mastering proper training techniques. While these drugs can yield impressive results, they can also come with serious health implications, especially for those who are not well-informed about proper training practices. The discussion further explored how the lack of proper training can lead to perceived limits. Individuals who are inexperienced or use improper techniques may initially experience muscle gains due to "newbie gains." However, when they reach this perceived limit, they may turn to performance-enhancing drugs in an attempt to break through it.

One crucial point raised by Dan was that using drugs might enhance muscle growth, but it doesn't improve the overall quality of the stimulus received during training. Consequently, some individuals find themselves continuously increasing their drug intake when their progress hits a plateau. Interestingly, those who train poorly are more likely to rely heavily on drugs for results, as they receive their stimulus primarily from pharmaceutical enhancements rather than optimizing their training in the gym.

On the other hand, individuals who effectively train with the desired stimulus require fewer drugs because they derive their progress from high-quality training methods. Consequently, their blood work tends to be less disrupted as they don't need as many drugs to achieve similar results. Latt shared an intriguing perspective from a conversation with a friend in Malaysia, where performance-enhancing drugs are easily accessible among young trainers.

The prevalence of these drugs may give the impression of quick results, leading some individuals to seek shortcuts rather than investing time and effort into proper training and education. The importance of education in human performance optimization emerged as a prominent theme throughout the discussion. Both Latt and Dan emphasized that understanding one's body and experimenting with knowledge are essential in the journey of self-optimization. Rather than relying solely on pharmaceutical enhancements, embracing education and utilizing knowledge as a tool can lead to long-lasting and sustainable progress. In conclusion, the truth about steroid usage reveals that education, proper training, and experimentation are vital components of optimizing human performance.

Instead of resorting to quick fixes, individuals are encouraged to explore their bodies, understand their unique metabolic needs, and focus on high-quality training methods to unlock their true potential. As we navigate the road to human performance optimization, let's embrace the continuous journey of learning and self-improvement. Remember, each failure is an opportunity to gain valuable insights about our bodies, driving us closer to achieving peak performance. Stay tuned to the H.V.M.N Podcast for more enlightening discussions and expert insights on unlocking your true potential.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • The H.V.M.N Podcast episode discussed the allure of anabolic steroids and their potential consequences, especially among individuals lacking proper training knowledge.
  • Dan Garner emphasized that many people turn to drugs like anabolic steroids before mastering proper training techniques, leading to serious health implications for the uninformed.
  • The discussion highlighted the importance of education, proper training, and experimentation in optimizing human performance, encouraging individuals to focus on high-quality training methods rather than relying solely on pharmaceutical enhancements.

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Dan Garner

A lot of times people will turn to drugs before they even know how to properly train. Like uh, anabolic steroids obviously are extremely effective, but they can come at a health consequence and particularly in the crowd who is not educated on proper training. So here's what I mean by that. If you suck at training and you use a lot of momentum, you use improper ranges of motion.

It's not balanced. Like, you just have an overall poor program and poor technique. In the beginning, you're still going to build muscle. You're going to have newbie gains. Any stimulus is a stimulus in the beginning. That's going to happen. You're going to build muscle. And then you are going to hit this perceived limit, um, based purely upon your education in the topic that limited your execution in the program design.

If I don't know how to create proper stimulus in a muscle group to create the adaptation that I desire, then I will believe I've hit a limit. And once I hit that limit, I'm going to want to take drugs. Those drugs will enhance the growth of whatever I am currently trying to grow, but I didn't actually change the quality of the stimulus that I'm receiving.

So then once those drugs hit their own plateau, You are purely going to add more drugs, and more drugs, and more drugs. It's the athlete who doesn't know how to train, who needs the most drugs for results, because they're getting their stimulus pharmaceutically, rather than getting their stimulus from what they could have otherwise received in the gym.

People who train poorly are always the ones who take the most drugs, and the people who can train is with the desired stimulus in an excellent way, they don't need as much because they're getting their stimulus from a very high quality training and therefore they don't mess their blood work up nearly as much because they don't need as many drugs to accomplish the same end result.


Dr. Latt Mansor:

Yeah, very well said. I was just speaking to a good friend back in Malaysia. He just got a job as a personal trainer there. And he was telling me that I think he's like late 20s now. And he's telling me that all these younger trainers in Malaysia, early 20s, even like late teens, they are jacked. And for some reason, the, the performance enhancement drugs and growth hormones and testosterone are so easily accessible these days, I don't know why, in Malaysia, and, and they are all on these, um, drugs, and, and it, I can imagine if I just started gyming and I'm being trained by these trainers, or if I just look at these trainers in their early 20s being jacked and low, low body fat, And I want to know the secret sauce.

I want to know that the shortcut and then the perception of. Time changes, the perception of how long do you actually need to work on your body and how much do you need to put in changes dramatically when you see people who achieve such results in such short amount of time. And I think the education part that you pointed out was such a great point because this is where I am now is that I refuse to use those just because I want to use.

What I'm currently doing, let's say at HVMM podcast, as a podcast host, as a podcast guest and learning all these knowledge and use the knowledge as a weapon and use knowledge as a tool that I can then experiment on myself and trial and error and understand my body better. And I think metabolically, I do understand metabolism quite well, but as far as Enhancing it and pushing it to the limit and optimizing it.

I have still ways to go. Like, you know, speaking to people like you who have hands on experience versus like personlike me, who I have all my knowledge from labs, from papers, like I'm very good at that, but I. You know, talking to people like you, Dan opens up so much more like, uh, of my curiosity and intrigue and, you know, I want to go and do this blood work and I want to look at what, what micronutrients I'm lacking.

I want to look at, you know, how can I feel better the next day, for example, and, and these are all great points that our audience can then take away with them and try experimenting, um, and knowing that the road. Towards human performance optimization, it's still a very, very long road, and it is still something that you can try for the rest of your life. And there is no such thing as, ultimate failure because every time you fail, you learn something about your body that no one can tell you about.

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