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Welcome Michael Lee and Dr. Manuel Lam!

Wednesday, December 14 - Join me in welcoming both Michael Lee and Dr. Manuel Lam to Nootrobox! When we look to add talent to our team, we select for people who are truly at the top of their field. (Learn more)

Welcome Chrissy!

Monday, Nov 28 - Join me in welcoming Chrissy Ensley to Nootrobox! The physical infrastructure behind our business is our company's backbone. (Learn more)

Welcome Zhill!

Monday, August 17 - Join me in welcoming Zhill Olonan to Nootrobox! When we add talent to our team, we look to bring onboard people who're at an inflection point to do the best work of their career. (Learn more)

RISE MK.III back in stock by mid-September

Friday, July 29 - I apologize on behalf of Nootrobox for temporarily being unable to immediately fulfill your RISE stack. We expect to be back in stock in mid-September. (Learn more)

Announcing KADO-3, a supercharged Omega 3 Stack

Friday, June 24 - We're excited to unveil KADO-3 (Vitamin K, Astaxanthin, Vitamin D, and Omega-3), our supercharged Omega-3 stack derived from krill and fish. Unlike your standard fish oil, KADO-3 has a super high ratio of DHA to EPA (DHA is the fatty acid associated with cognitive benefit and health). This is Omega-3 optimized for your brain. (Learn more)

Welcome Ben!

Monday, May 16 - Join me in welcoming Ben Woosley to Nootrobox! When we look to add talent to our team, we select for people who are truly at the top of their field. (Learn more)

Nootrobox GO CUBES announces sponsorship of Gankstars

Thursday, March 10 - We're proud to announce our sponsorship of Gankstars, one of the top-ranked Vainglory teams in the world. Vainglory is the most popular mobile and tablet battle arena game and is rapidly becoming one of the most followed and watched video games globally. (Learn more)

$2 million financing round led by Andreessen Horowitz

Thursday, December 3 - We are very pleased to announce that Nootrobox has accepted an additional $2 million in venture capital investment led by Andreessen Horowitz. The new capital will allow us to accelerate clinical research and development on nootropics, to double down on our manufacturing and supply chain innovation, and to continue building a world class team across all disciplines of medicine, software, and product manufacturing. (Learn more)

Time is annoying — get annoyed!

With only 24 hours in a day, the sharpest of us attempt to utilize ways to get a bit more from this finite resource. We are annoyed with wasting time, so we dig through productivity apps and hacks, opt for sleep deprivation, and more, as we attempt to find ever clever ways to do more with less. If the lack of time annoys you too, begin taking back what’s rightfully yours. The first step is learning where your time goes. (Learn more)

Nootrobox Raises $500k to Make Nootropics for Everyone

We have a special announcement today - Nootrobox has raised a $500k round of angel funding from leaders in Silicon Valley, to accelerate our velocity as we bring safe, effective, and accessible nootropics to the world. (Learn more)

Best practices for making a tough decision

Sometimes you find yourself in a high-pressure situation where you need to make a critical decision right away. Do you sign off on that ad-campaign? Do you cancel your vacation to take on a new freelance project? Do you apply for law school this year or next? You may not know the right answer right away and that’s fair. The decision, nevertheless, must be made. There's something that we're all born with to help you make the best choice possible. (Learn more)

Nootrobox Launches in Mexico and Spain

Nootrobox is excited to announce our launch in two new countries - Mexico and Spain! (Learn more)

Your understanding of failure is all wrong

We live in a world where failure is touted as a great thing; a necessary route to success; a part of daily life. In the age of innovation we are persuaded to, *fail fast*, *iterate faster*, and remember that *most startups fail*. While we can understand failure intellectually, it’s harder to clarify the way it makes us feel, or better yet the way it threatens to hold us back. Of course, we cannot afford to be held back. So what can we do? (Learn more)

Why are You Trying so Hard?

It’s 3am and you’re alone at your desk. You’ve just hit your second wind on a project that’s taken almost three months of consecutive long nights to accomplish. Sometimes you push through meals; you wake up early to get back into the zone; your world is a testament to how much you want this: a groundbreaking dissertation, a competitive LSAT score, a 1 billion dollar company — you’re hungry. (Learn more)

Lessons From StarCraft: Gaming Your Personal Productivity

When you play a game like StarCraft, the online computer game where the goal is intergalactic domination, you learn a few things about success and getting to the top. (Learn more)

Josh visits Nootrobox HQ

Guest Post by Josh Fraser. Josh runs a small Internet marketing, web design and development team in Kelowna, British Columbia and was a VIP guest as part of our "Entrepreneur-in-Training" Indiegogo campaign. (Learn more)

Announcing Keanu by Nootrobox

On April 1, 2015, Nootrobox announces the exclusive beta launch of Keanu - Download the New You. (Learn more)

Humans: The Next Platform

Biohacking and transhumanist advances (including nootropics, extended longevity, cybernetic implants, better behavioral and genetic self-understanding) will materially advance our quality of life and productivity in the coming decade, but we need to be thoughtful about the potential social and ethical pitfalls as we transform. Google Trends shows a marked uptick in searches for “nootropics” and related biohacking fields, so now is the time to have the conversation about the direction we’re headed. (Learn more)

Nootropics Aren’t Just For Tech Millionaires

TechCrunch, the popular technology news site, has asked us to do a series on nootropics and biohacking. We’re proud to be thought leaders in the burgeoning field. (Learn more)

Nootrobox launches in Canada

We’re proud to announce that Nootrobox is officially launching its service in Canada. This past week, we’ve already begun to fulfill to early customers who expressed interest in our initial launch in summer of 2014. (Learn more)

Our Love-Hate Relationship with Supplements

We at Nootrobox applaud the New York State Attorney General’s office for taking action against some of the biggest brands in supplements for selling fake and fraudulent products. House brands from big names like GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart were caught in the audit. New York state found that 80% of their products did not have any of ingredients claimed on their labels. We’re proud to announce that Nootrobox has no issues with our supply chain and products. However, the broader news is appalling and is a black eye on the entire nutrition and supplements market. (Learn more)

Happy holidays from Nootrobox!

This year has been a tremendous one for Nootrobox. Just this summer, just a few months ago, Nootrobox spawned from an idea. But this idea resonated with everyone on our team: we all have the same amount of time in a day, and while we can’t create more of it, we can, however, optimize and maximize the value out of the limited time we do have. Our business was built around this basic fact, and boy have we made the most out our time so far! (Learn more)

Do You Have Animal Smell?

Masayoshi Son, who sits atop the Japanese Forbes List, due in part to his early investments in both Yahoo and Alibaba, described his impression upon first meeting Alibaba founder & CEO Jack Ma: “It was the look in his eye, it was an ‘animal smell’“. (Learn more)

Evolution of human societies and the organization of ventures

The earliest human functional groups were hunter-gatherer tribes of 100-150 people. This is several extended family groups banded together. (Learn more)

Winning Allies and Poisoning Predators: The Convergent Evolution of Caffeine

Like many products of nature that humans enjoy on a regular basis – a bird’s song, the taste of an apple, the shade of a tree – caffeine is a happy side effect of a long evolutionary chain that vastly predates humanity. (Learn more)

Memorize these 5 Numbers

By memorizing these key numbers, you can permanently eliminate the tiny-but-frequent task of looking them up every time you need them. The same way that having more RAM in your computer makes your computer run faster, having a more useful working memory in your head can help you conquer day-to-day tasks with relative ease, freeing you to solve newer (and more valuable) problems. (Learn more)

5 Inexpensive Way to Buy a More Productive Life

These are not mental tricks or behavior alterations – they’re good old-fashioned things that you can buy (for cheap!) that can make a real difference in your daily productivity. (Learn more)

11 Quotes from Marcus Aurelius to Inspire You to Get Things Done

Marcus Aurelius, best known by his portrayal in Russell Crowe’s epic film, Gladiator, was actually a real-life Roman Emperor. In the film, we only saw Marcus as a dying old man who served mostly as a plot device to initiate Russell Crowe’s journey from beloved Roman legionnaire general to a slave gladiator. But in history, Marcus was one of the most acclaimed Roman rulers. (Learn more)

Ray Dalio Principles

We’ve been reading Principles by Ray Dalio over the past few days and have come across some really solid passages that highlight some great perspectives on how to think about life. For those of you who haven’t heard of him, Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates in 1975, which in 2012 became the largest hedge fund in the world with over $120B assets under management. (Learn more)

Things President Obama does to Improve his Decision Making

President Barack Obama has the highest profile job in the world. The administration surrounding him is a juggernaut of a system that runs the paramount power on Earth. While his administration may not always be the most well-oiled operation (which to be fair is what virtually always happens in a large and complex enough system), the operation in which the President manages himself is. Let’s look at three things Obama does to make sure he makes good decisions. (Learn more)

Was Ben Franklin a Slacker?

Ben Franklin is one of the most renowned productivity masterminds of all time. You can’t make it through a history or science textbook without discovering something he invented, developed, thought about, or influenced. Simply put, he’s one of the most productive people ever. (Learn more)

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