Over 18 months of work went into R&D on Ketone-IQ (aka H.V.M.N. Ketone 2.0), addressing the key pain points people had with v1.0 the product: the cost, and the taste. We're excited with these updates to increase access to ketones as a daily nutritional primitive.

Updates to Ketone 2.0 from previous version:

  • Per gram ketone cost reduced by 66%. Ketone 1.0: $33 / 25g ketone = $1.32 → Ketone 2.0: $45 / 100g ketones = $.45.
  • More versatile base ketone molecule, for lower cost, better stability, better taste.
  • Improved taste. Other ketone esters have “ester” bonds that cause harsh, bitter taste. Ketone 2.0 is made with Ketone-IQ™ which is a superior molecule without this bond.
  • Longer duration of elevated ketones.
  • Multiserve packaging (10 servings) vs. 1 serving packaging, to allow for daily use while reducing waste.
  • Changed serving size from 25g to 10g, to normalize daily low-dose use while still allowing for larger doses for larger body mass individuals or specific uses.
  • Includes dose cup, for ability to do body-weight and use-case adjusted measurements.

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