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By Michael Brandt

April 4, 2022

I get asked all the time, "What do you mix your Ketone-IQ with?"

While some people prefer to drink their Ketone-IQ straight up or on the rocks, there are a number of great mixers you can add in to change the taste and functionality. 

So what is the best mixer? The answer is — it depends!

The clear-headed-ness you get from Ketone-IQ can help you run harder, focus longer at work, or replace alcohol in your cocktail.

What you choose to mix Ketone-IQ with depends on what you're trying to get out of it. 

1. Get in The Zone at Work: Ketones & Olipop

Ketones and Olipop taste great together. The bubbles round out the taste and make it a nice afternoon productivity cocktail. My personal favorite is Olipop - Lemon Ginger.



You can of course swap for other sodas you like, e.g, Poppi, Diet Coke, etc. or even kombucha.

For an added kick, try an option with caffeine — ketones and caffeine stack together exceptionally well, to provide a nice mellow alertness perfect for getting into flow at work. 

2. Athletic Training: Ketones & Electrolytes

I'm an avid triathlete and marathoner. Anyone who regularly goes on 50-100+ mile rides knows the routine of planning out your nutrition ahead of time and packing it on board. 

Ketone-IQ & Nuun (Citrus Fruit flavor is my favorite) into a water bottle is my go-to. Whether I'm cranking at home on the trainer, or cruising out in the hills, I stack my ketones and electrolytes together. What I like about these tabs is that they are low carb, so you have the option to train low-carb or you can add in carbs if your goal is to dual fuel on ketones + carbs at the same time.

I put Ketone-IQ directy into my water bottle, drop in a tab of Nuun — Citrus Fruit, then add water and shake it up. 

3. Alcohol Replacement: Ketones & Soda

One of my favorite ways to use ketones is as an alcohol replacement. 

Ketones + soda with bitters is my go-to. On the rocks, of course. I like this brand called Hella, they really nailed the soda and bitters combination.

We all know alcohol isn't great for us. The short term effects we feel the next day when hungover, and long-term effects of chronic alcohol use, are great reasons why many people are looking to limit or eliminate their alcohol consumption.

Ketone-IQ + soda is a great replacement because it has both an intensity of taste of alcohol, as well as a unique mental sensation. Unlike many other alcohol replacements, which are essentially flavored water, Ketone-IQ gives you a nice zippy feeling. 

PS: Did you know Ketone-IQ is also great for clearing out a hangover? Try it the next morning after a big night out.


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