We relentlessly pursue human optimization.

Our Mission

What you put in your body today is the foundation for who you become tomorrow. You’re obsessed with ascending to the top of your field, setting a new world record, or simply cultivating a long, healthy life. We’re obsessed with helping you get there. Together, let’s redefine the limits of human performance, metabolism, and longevity.

Our Supply Chain

We run a world-class operations and supply chain organization with deep industry experience. During the course of manufacturing HVMN products, there are at least three quality and purity audits from the acceptance of raw materials to full WADA compliance of the final product. All manufacturing facilities are located in the US and are compliant with the cGMP regulations as stipulated by the FDA.

Our Intellectual Property

We actively partner with world-class researchers and organizations to invent, develop, and foster novel intellectual property. HVMN Ketone Ester, our flagship product, was born out of such a collaboration. We partnered with TdeltaS, an Oxford University spinout, based on research from the University of Oxford, the National Institutes of Health, and DARPA to commercialize the ΔG® ketone ester, which is protected by an portfolio of US and International patents.

Leadership Team

Geoffrey Woo
Co-Founder & CEO
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Michael Brandt
Co-Founder & COO
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Dr Brianna Stubbs
Head of Science
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Chrissy Ensley
Operations & Supply Chain

Chrissy is passionate about bringing innovative products from ideation into reality, and has held product development engineering, operations, and supply chain roles at CPG firms offering everything from soap to organic baby food. She holds a Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering from Stanford and MIT, respectively.

Paul Benigeri
VP, Growth & Engineering

Paul Benigeri graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science. He manages technology development for HVMN.com, our proprietary e-commerce platform, as well as driving growth of the HVMN Blog—one of the most trafficked health blogs in the space. In addition to spearheading all HVMN’s technology, Paul also oversees digital marketing strategy across paid social and SEM.

Michael Lee
Head of Design

Michael Lee is passionate about practicing holistic design and craftsmanship. He’s led design in one of the fastest growing consumer tech companies in 2013 and is now designing the future of human enhancement.

Advisory Board

Kieran Clarke
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Peter Pace
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Our Athletic Team

Vittoria Bussi
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Jeff Browning
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Our Investors

We're supported by some of the world's most high performing minds.

Our investors and advisors include Andreessen Horowitz, Marissa Mayer (former CEO, Yahoo!), Tony Hsieh (Founder and CEO, Zappos), Joe Montana (Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback) and US Navy SEAL Rear Admiral (ret.) Alex Krongard.

HVMN Research and Development Principles

The cornerstone of science is the systematic, transparent pursuit of truth. The pursuit of truth in the field of human enhancement is what drives us at HVMN.

While our understanding of the field adapts as better techniques and new data is discovered, the principles with which we conduct our research and development do not. We publish these principles with the following goals in mind: to plant a flag and define a new standard of public accountability, to continue to earn your trust, and to build the foundation of an intrepid company that will continue to do important work for many generations.

  1. Safety and Regulations. Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our customers: our products will only ever contain ingredients that are FDA and WADA compliant.
  2. Label Transparency. No proprietary blends. We always state exact ingredients, amount, and purity backed by 3rd party certificates of analysis (COA’s) to validate that the products have been tested and match the labels.
  3. Active Research. We contribute to the body of scientific knowledge by undertaking in-house research and collaborating with external research institutions. We share and/or publish all notable results of studies that concern our products or the ingredient(s).
  4. Driven by Data, not Dogma. We are open to re-evaluating our products and recommended protocols as new data emerges. This means adding or removing ingredients or routines, updating manufacturing processes, modifying the way we describe our product, and/or pulling products full stop.
  5. Personal Measurement. We are forthcoming with protocols to test and measure the efficacy of HVMN products on an individual basis. A clinical trial on a cohort of humans, even when showing statistical significance, does not guarantee effect on a specific individual.
  6. Evidence Grading. We share full knowledge of our understanding of the effects of HVMN products and their ingredients. Specifically, we indicate the grade of evidence underpinning HVMN products.
HVMN Evidence Grading:

Theoretical effect or in vitro evidence


Animal model evidence of effects


Early human evidence of ingredient effects


High-quality human evidence of ingredient effects


Human study of product as sold

Meeting these standards is an active battle against complacency, and we hereby commit to fully adhering to these principles regardless of cost, difficulty, or other obstacles.