Recommended by
Professional Athletes
Lance Armstrong
Former pro road racing cyclist and host of THEMOVE podcast.
“You've been living under a rock if you haven't heard of ketones.”
Anthony Trucks
Former NFL athlete, speaker, author, & coach.
“With Ketone-IQ™️, I feel energized, clear, & focused without any jitters.”
Apolo Ohno
Author, speaker, & America’s most decorated Winter Olympian of all time.
“I love this formula.”
Vittoria Bussi
Professional racing cyclist and women’s UCI Hour Record holder.
“With ketones, you have this extra power, extra energy.”
Tenchi So
Triathlete, martial artist, and former Canadian Forces Infantry Officer.
“I have boundless energy to tackle any workouts of the day.”
Angela Naeth
Pro triathlete, cyclist, & 19x Ironman 70.3 champ.
“I use Ketone-IQ™️ for longer rides & throughout the day. I feel more focused & “on” when I need to be.”
Drew Manning
Creator of Fit2Fat2Fit.
“Ketone-IQ™️ gives me the focus & energy to push myself when I’m exhausted.”
Jason Ferruggia
Fitness pro & advisor
“When I take Ketone-IQ™️, I feel super focused & energized.”
Jake Paul
Social media personality and professional boxer.
“PRO TIP: HVMN Ketone Shot — this is amazing! Put your body into ketosis, for energy, focus, recovery.”
Recommended by
Health Experts
Louisa Nicola
Neurophysiologist, brain coach to elite athletes and billionaires.
“After sipping on Ketone-IQ, I feel clearer and better able to make sharp decisions.”
Dr. Anthony Gustin
Founder and CEO of Perfect Keto and Equip Foods.
“I have boundless energy to tackle any workouts of the day.”
Ben Greenfield
Fitness guru & New York Times bestselling author.
“Holy cow, one shot of this stuff and you literally won't think about food.”
Dr. Stephanie Estima
Best-Selling Author of The Betty Body, Host of Better!, Founder of Hello Betty.
“Pre and during workouts, and right before I have an important meeting or podcast.”
Dr. Will Cole
Leading functional medicine expert, host of podcast, New York Times bestselling author.
“It's not comparable to an energy drink or anything like that, but my body and mind feels like it is operating at full capacity.”
Krysta Huber
Certified nutrition coach & personal trainer.
“Ketone-IQ™️has been great for my cognitive function. I feel sharper & more focused.”
David Nurse
NBA coach, keynote speaker, & best-selling author.
“I'm still bouncing off the walls with energy and locked-in focus!”
Ben Azadi
Best-selling author & founder of Keto Kamp.
“I love that Ketone-IQ™️ is high quality & I don’t have to take a bunch of salt to get ketones.”
Cynthia Thurlow
Nurse practitioner & intermittent fasting expert.
“I feel a deeper degree of cognitive recall & more energy when I take Ketone-IQ™️.”
Brian Pannuzzo
Certified nutrition coach.
“Ketone-IQ™️ lets me experience the benefits of the keto diet without the lifestyle change.”
Josh Trent
CEO of Wellness Force Media.
“I have a clear mind & no need for caffeine with Ketone-IQ™️.”
Chase Chewning
ACE-certified health coach & host of Ever Forward Radio.
“With Ketone-IQ™️, I feel like I’m in a pure flow state of mind & body.”
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