Ketone-IQ™ Shots

Take your ketones on the go!

Ketone-IQ™️ Shots are the perfect portable drink for a boost of clean energy and focus. Whether you’re headed to the airport, gym, or office, these Shots will keep you fueling your best.


Conveniently designed for one-time use
TSA-friendly; fits perfectly in your carry-on
Bottle size is 2 oz (59 ml); 10g ketones

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$120.00 $108.00/mo
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Ketone Magic in Your Pocket

With Ketone-IQ™ Shots, you can enjoy the benefits of ketones wherever you go.

Ketone-IQ mobile

Energy & Focus

Delivers clean energy to power your brain and your body.

Endurance & Recovery

Trusted by elite performers, from pro athletes to U.S. military soldiers.
Military Contract Icon

Appetite Control

Tames the hunger hormone so you feel fuller, for longer.

Effective and Safe

3rd Party Batch Tested and compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Optimal Ketone Levels for 4 Hours

Did you know that ketones provide the most benefits at a certain range? With Ketone-IQ™, you can stay at these levels for up to 4 hours — much longer than other drinkable ketones.

Optimal Ketone Levels for 4 Hours

Did you know that ketones provide the most benefits at a certain range? With Ketone-IQ™, you can stay at these levels for up to 4 hours — much longer than other drinkable ketones.

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Awarded $6 Million US Military Contract

H.V.M.N. was awarded a $6 million contract from SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) to investigate ketones as fuel for physically and cognitively demanding missions, leading to the development of Ketone-IQ™. Our next-level Ketone-IQ™️ technology elevates blood BHB levels and triggers optimal nutritional ketosis in 30 minutes—all without a salt, acid, or fat load.

Real stories from people
who don’t usually share them
Andrew Huberman
Andrew Huberman,
Neuroscientist and associate professor at Stanford School of Medicine.
“I often ingest Ketone-IQ™ because of the cognitive and physical enhancement I experience.”
Louisa Nicola
Louisa Nicola,
Neurophysiologist, brain coach to elite athletes and billionaires.
“After sipping on Ketone-IQ, I feel clearer and better able to make sharp decisions.”
Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield,
Fitness guru & New York Times bestselling author.
“Holy cow, one shot of this stuff and you literally won't think about food.”
Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong,
Former pro road racing cyclist and host of THEMOVE podcast.
“You've been living under a rock if you haven't heard of ketones.”
Dr. Anthony Gustin
Dr. Anthony Gustin,
Founder and CEO of Perfect Keto and Equip Foods.
“Ketone-IQ™️ turns my brain on like nothing but extremely deep states of keto do.”
David Nurse
David Nurse,
NBA coach, keynote speaker, & best-selling author.
“I'm still bouncing off the walls with energy and locked-in focus!”
Vittoria Bussi
Vittoria Bussi,
Professional racing cyclist and women’s UCI Hour Record holder.
“With ketones, you have this extra power, extra energy.”
Apolo Ohno
Apolo Ohno,
Author, speaker, & America’s most decorated Winter Olympian of all time.
“I love this formula.”
Fueling with ketones
takes you to a place where everything flows — a gentle, clean boost of energy without the jitters or racing heart
Looking for a cleaner brain fuel? Just one daily serving of Ketone-IQ™️ will help you feel sharper, more focused, and ready to take on the day.


Improvement in brain network stability.5


Improvement in cognitive performance.7

Built to support endurance and recovery, Ketone-IQ™️ is used by high performers of all types, from Navy SEALs and Tour de France cyclists to athletes in every major sport in the U.S.


More efficient in generating energy than glucose alone.1


Increased mean power output after recovery.2


Improved athletes’ endurance.3

Trust in the Power of Ketone-IQ™

First to Bring
You Drinkable Ketones

Used by Professional Athletes

Awarded $6 Million US Military Contract

Actively Researched by Universities

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First to Bring
You Drinkable Ketones

With the release of H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester, we were the first to bring drinkable ketones to the world. Since our first iteration, we’ve been working on making ketones more efficient, effective, and powerful than ever before—leading to Ketone-IQ™️.

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Used by Professional Athletes

Our ketone technology is widely used by professional athletes, including Olympic competitors, and the majority of teams competing in the Tour de France. In fact, Italian cyclist Vittoria Bussi broke the UCI Hour world record on 2018-09-13 while fueling with H.V.M.N. Ketone.

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Awarded $6 Million US Military Contract

H.V.M.N. was awarded a $6 million contract from SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) to investigate ketones as fuel for physically and cognitively demanding missions. It was through this partnership that we created Ketone-IQ™️.

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Actively Researched by Universities

H.V.M.N.’s ketone technology is being actively researched by academic institutions for multiple applications. Ketone-IQ™ may play a role in neurodegenerative disease treatment, cancer research, diabetes management, and many other applications.

First to Bring
You Drinkable Ketones

Used by Professional Athletes

Awarded $6 Million US Military Contract

Actively Researched by Universities

Frequently asked questions

What are the different ways people can raise their ketones?

+ -

There are 2 ways to raise your ketones:

  • Endogenous ketosis (your body makes the ketones through a process called ketogenesis), or
  • Exogenous ketosis (the ketones come from outside your body, e.g. Ketone-IQ™ or other ketone supplements).

These two methods are not mutually exclusive.


To get into endogenous ketosis, people engage in endurance exercise, follow low-carb/”keto” diets, or fast/starve. These activities cause blood glucose levels to drop and deplete glycogen (sugar) stores. Your body responds to the dip in energy by ramping up ketogenesis, or the breakdown of fat to make ketones to use for energy.


Ketones are an ultra-efficient fuel, especially for our brains. They’re evolutionarily designed to keep us razor-sharp and at peak performance between meals. But extended endogenous ketosis (e.g., keto diet) is hard to maintain long term. Often, it isn’t optimal for athletic or mental performance.


Enter Ketone Supplements (like Ketone-IQ™). These are called Exogenous Ketones (”exo” meaning “external”). These supplements quickly deliver ketones to your bloodstream, putting you into ketosis within minutes without the need to fast, restrict calories or carbs, or exercise away your glycogen stores.


Click here to learn how to measure your blood ketone levels.


How does Ketone-IQ™ compare to other Ketone Supplements?

+ -

There are 4 types of Ketone Supplements. You can read the full comparison here.

Here’s a summary, ranked from least effective to most effective:

  1. D-Betahydroxybutyric Acid (D-BHB)
    • This is the primary ketone that our body naturally produces and uses for energy.
    • It's available as a supplement, but it's very acidic and can be hard to handle in large doses. It's best to take it in small amounts.
    • For a safer way to get BHB or BHB precursors, try the other ketone supplements listed below.
  2. Ketone Salts
    • These molecules combine D-BHB with a salt such as sodium, magnesium, or calcium.
    • Due to their high salt content, ketone salts can cause digestive issues when taken in large doses.
    • The D-BHB is quickly released into your bloodstream, which can cause a small spike followed by a crash.
    • It's rare to see ketone levels above 0.5mM, and they don't last very long.
    • Ketone salts are often a blend of D-BHB and L-BHB (an inactive form of the molecule), so you’re only getting half the potential benefits.
  3. Ketone Esters
    • These molecules chain together BHBs, BHB precursors, and other keto-related molecules like MCTs.
    • Ketone esters can be one ester chain long (a "monoester"), two ester chains long (a "diester"), and so on.
    • Ketone esters may not be fully bioavailable if ester chains don't fully break down.
    • Ketone esters quickly raise ketone levels, causing a spike that can reach 3-5mM in 30 minutes. This spike is followed by a steep crash.
    • Ketone levels in this range can cause digestive issues, increased blood acidity, and performance problems.
    • Ketone esters have a bitter, unpleasant taste and can cause nausea, vomiting, and digestive issues. Some people vomit immediately after taking Ketone Monoester, according to its GRAS document.
    • Ketone esters can be up to three times more expensive per gram of ketone compared to Ketone Diol (discussed next).
  4. Ketone Diol (Ketone-IQ™️)
    • Through our $6MM contract with the United States Department of Defense Special Operations Command (US DOD SOCOM), we found that Ketone Diols are ideal for physically and cognitively demanding tasks, unlike HVMN Ketone V1, which was a Ketone Ester.
    • Ketone-IQ™️ contains a pure 100% Ketone Diol called R-1,3-Butanediol (R-1,3-BDO).
      • Ketone esters are only 33-50% R-1,3-BDO; the remainder is typically BHB (too spiky) or MCT (too slow).
    • R-1,3-BDO is the closest precursor to D-BHB, and it's converted directly into D-BHB with near 100% efficiency.
    • Ketone-IQ™️ has an optimal ketone curve that keeps you between 1.0 - 2.5mmol/L. This ketone range provides unparalleled efficacy, supported on the low end here, the high end here, and holistically here.
      • Fast Acting: Ketone-IQ™️ quickly raises your blood ketones above 1.0 mmol/L within 30-60 minutes.
      • No Spike: Unlike ketone esters, there is no harmful initial spike above 2.5mmol/L because there's no unregulated D-BHB.
      • Natural Slow Release:  Ketone-IQ™️ keeps your ketone levels elevated above 1.0mmol/L for a longer period than ketone salts or ketone esters. Your body naturally regulates the R-1,3-BDO → D-BHB process to stabilize energy levels.
    • Ketone-IQ™️ has a better taste than ketone esters (although it's still not your grandma's lemonade).
    • Ketone-IQ™️ is 1/3 the cost per gram of any ketone ester on the market.

Read the full comparison here.


What results can I expect with Ketone-IQ™?

+ -

Raising your blood ketone levels can deliver numerous benefits, supported by a rapidly growing body of research. Optimal results are seen with blood ketone levels between 1.0–2.5 mmol/L, and Ketone-IQ™️ is the most effective and cost-efficient way to keep your ketones within that range.

Below is a brief summary of ketones’ top benefits. For a deep dive of the data, read more here.

  • Cognitive Performance: Ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier and generate 28% more ATP per gram than glucose. As an ultra-efficient brain fuel, they’re proven to improve focus, cognitive, and mental clarity and protect the brain from trauma, aging, and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Physical Performance: When you’re thinking sharper, you can perform better. Ketones can improve athletic performance by enhancing cognition, resulting in better reaction times and reduced fatigue. Plus, ketone supplements can support endurance and recovery for athletes; one study found that drinking ketones during a 3-week overtraining period led to a 15% increase in power output.
  • Metabolic Health and Appetite: Ketone supplements may improve metabolic health by decreasing blood sugar levels and increasing insulin sensitivity. They may also suppress ghrelin (the hunger hormone), reducing appetite, improving diet adherence, and leading to improved body composition.


For a deep dive of the data, read more here.

Directions — How much do I take, and when?

+ -

Take it whenever you want to Fuel Fantastic.

We take it:

  • every morning to kick off the day,
  • to get into flow at work,
  • before, during, and after hitting the gym,
  • to power through the afternoon slump without resorting to coffee…

you name it!


We recommend taking 1–3 servings daily. Some people like to spread it across the day, and some take double or triple shots at once for an extra boost.

For more specific info, check out the below:

I’m not keto — is Ketone-IQ™️ for me? Yes!

+ -


Ketones are simply a healthy energy source. Ketone-IQ™ fits any lifestyle and nutrition plan, keto or not.

Is Ketone-IQ™️ batch-tested and allowed in competitive sports? Yes!

+ -



All ingredients in Ketone-IQ™️ are WADA and USADA compliant, allowed for use in all levels of sport.


For your peace of mind, each lot is 3rd-party batch-tested to confirm 100% compliance.


Please e-mail with your Lot #, and we’ll be happy to share the testing report for your exact batch!


You can also find more information here.

Will Ketone-IQ™️ break my fast?

+ -

If you’re fasting for weight management, focus, energy, and longevity, Ketone-IQ™️ can help boost these benefits.


Ketones have also been shown to reduce ghrelin (1), the hunger hormone, and so a lot of people use Ketone-IQ™ to help extend their fasts!


Ketone-IQ™️ does contain ketones (ketones are energy, and energy = calories), so if you’re following a strict zero-calorie protocol, it would break your fast.

What if I have more questions?

+ -

We love questions! Our Help Center is a great place to start. You can also reach out to us by emailing or texting LETSGO to 803-49. 


We look forward to hearing from you! 😊

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Ketone-IQ™ Shots
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Ketone-IQ™ Shots
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Free U.S. shipping for orders over $50.

International shipping options now available.
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