Michael Brandt is co-founder and COO of HVMN. Prior to starting HVMN, he studied computer science & design at Stanford. Michael always appreciated the importance of education & interface design in bringing powerful new technologies to widespread use. Michael was previously a Product Manager at Google and an Adjunct Professor at the Academy of Art in SF.

In the exciting field of human enhancement, HVMN bridges the gap between cutting-edge R&D and products that people actually use on a daily basis. Michael thinks about “solving both sides of the equation”—searching for promising new technologies on the one hand, and on the other hand understanding people’s wants and needs to create useful, delightful products for our community.

Michael is an avid endurance athlete, who in 2017 transitioned from a casual gym-goer to training and competing in long distance running and triathlons. He medaled in his age group in his first half-Ironman as well as his first 50k trail race. The keys to the quick progression? Using technology to optimize as many variables as possible, from hydration, nutrition, and blood glucose levels, to footstep cadence and heart rate. Without a ton of time to train, every workout has to serve a purpose.

Personal Achievments
Marathon PR: 2hr48min
Half Marathon PR: 1hr23min
Half Ironman PR: 5hr15min
Completed a 7 day water fast in 2017
Continuously tracked blood glucose levels for 30 days
Biohacking Goals
Complete half Ironman in under 5 hours
Increase sleep effectiveness, adhere to sleep schedule
Consume less than 50g carbs every day
Biohacking Interests
Metabolic conditioning
Nootropics for creativity & relaxation
Exogenous ketones


This Silicon Valley company wants to 'make better humans' through biohacking