Geoffrey Woo is co-founder and CEO of HVMN. Geoffrey earned his BS in Computer Science from Stanford University with Honors and Distinction and specialized in Distributed Systems and Information Theory.

In early 2014, Geoffrey began conducting his own n=1 experiments to optimize his cognitive, physical, and metabolic biomarkers through a systems approach. HVMN started as Nootrobox, a project he started with Michael Brandt to formalize and operationalize the production of nootropic combinations that they were sourcing and producing themselves. Within the first few months of operation, Nootrobox was grossing over six-figures in revenues per month. Geoffrey published a series of articles on TechCrunch advocating smart regulation for human enhancement technologies and humans as a platform and innovation and built a following within Silicon Valley.

In early 2016, Geoffrey started experimenting with intermittent fasting to activate metabolic pathways associated with longevity and cognitive function. To make the science and physiology behind the benefits of fasting more accessible, Geoffrey started WeFast, one of the largest online intermittent fasting communities, and became a widely cited spokesperson for intermittent fasting in the media.

Realizing that ketosis was a primary driver behind why fasting works, Geoffrey began investigating ways to elevate blood ketones. Geoffrey forged a partnership with Professor Kieran Clarke of the University of Oxford to develop HVMN Ketone Ester, the world’s first ketone ester drink, based on Prof. Clarke and Dr. Richard Veech’s (NIH) seminal work on ketone esters and exogenous ketones. As part of the expansion of scope of Nootrobox, the company was renamed HVMN in 2017.

Geoffrey is a serial entrepreneur. He previously was CEO and co-founder of Glassmap Inc., a software technology company backed by YCombinator, a top venture capital group, and acquired by Groupon ($GRPN).

Personal Achievments
Half Marathon PR: 1hr58min
2017 Forbes 30 under 30 for Technology
Sold my first startup to a public company at age 23
Completed a 7 day water fast in 2017
Became a pseudo-cyborg with a continuous glucose monitor
Biohacking Goals
Improve focus and mindfulness; reduce cognitive load
Run sub-2 hour half marathon in 2018
7+ day fast with HVMN Ketone Ester
10% body fat
Biohacking Interests
Nootropics and techniques to optimize learning
Exogenous ketones and their role in metabolism
Continuous biomarker tracking technologies
Genetic engineering to extend and expand human capabilities
Intermittent fasting and techniques to mitigate insulin resistance


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