Brianna joined HVMN as Research Lead after completing her Ph.D. in Metabolic Physiology at the University of Oxford. Dr. Stubbs was part of the research group led by Professor Kieran Clarke that invented and conducted a number of animal and human studies relating to ΔG ketone ester, exogenous ketones, and HVMN Ketone.

While she was completing her Ph.D., she was a professional rower with Team Great Britain and a two-time champion at the World Rowing Championships. Since ‘retiring’ Brianna has been ‘taking it easy,’ competing in cycling, running and triathlon. In her triathlon debut in 2017, she placed first overall and qualified for the USA National Championships.

As Research Lead, Brianna provides oversight on the scientific research behind all of the HVMN products. She’s a world expert in ketone metabolism and consults with elite sport, military, clinical and research organizations. She sets the research agenda at HVMN and forges strategic research partnerships with top academic and research organizations to improve and create new technologies for human performance.

Personal Achievments
Medal achievement
Double World Champion lightweight rower
Rowing achievement
Youngest person to row the English Channel aged 12
BBC achievement
One of the BBC’s ‘100 Women’ for 2016
Author achievement
Lead/co author on scientific research papers
Cycling achievement
Half IronMan 2018 World Championship Qualifier (5hr23min)
Biohacking Goals
Balance achievement
Optimise work: life: athlete balance
Balance achievement
Achieve hormonal equilibrium post-lightweight rowing
Brain achievement
Regular mindfulness practice
Running achievement
1h 30’ half marathon
Running achievement
3h 30’ marathon
Cycling achievement
2h 30’ Olympic Distance Triathlon
Cycling achievement
5h Half Ironman
Biohacking Interests
Ketone achievement
Signalling roles of BHB
Ketone achievement
Potential therapeutic uses of exogenous ketones
Supplements achievement
Plant based supplements for metabolic health


Commentary: Ketone Diester Ingestion Impairs Time-Trial Performance in Professional Cyclists.
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