The Daily Nootropic.


The Daily Nootropic.

RISE is the definitive daily nootropic featured by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more. The components in RISE have been shown to enhance memory, stamina, and resilience. Maintaining peak cognitive performance is an active, consistent investment, so take RISE consistently.

A compounding investment for your brain.

RISE improves your memory and cognitive performance over the long term.

The effects of RISE are most profound when it is taken daily for at least 2 months.

Learn more  about the clinical tests conducted.

Verbal Learning Rate

Increase of

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A measure of how quickly participants were able to memorize a list of words.

Inspection Time

Reduced by

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A measure of how quickly relevant information was identified in a task.

A radar chart showing a high effect on stress reduction and working memory, and a moderate affect on mood and focus.

Designed for memory, learning rate, mental fatigue.

The ingredients in RISE are selected for their general-purpose nootropic benefits, specifically for their effects on working memory capacity and anti-fatigue. The amount, concentration, and ratio of each ingredient are specifically drawn from double-blind, peer-reviewed journal studies that statistically significantly demonstrate each compound's efficacy.

Elevate your thinking. RISE above the fog.

RISE makes your mind resilient

Learn more  about the clinical tests conducted.


Reduced by

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Measured using the State-Trait Anxiety Index.

Mental Fatigue

Reduced by

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Measured on a custom fatigue index.

60 Capsules

Nootropic Ingredients

Bacopa Monnieri

300 mg

Enhances memory and attention, especially when taken for at least 8 weeks

Derived from a perennial creeping herb and used in Ayurveda tradition for thousands of years

Standardized to 50% bacosides rating matching the potencies in clinical trials


300 mg

A high-potency precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is essential for learning and memory

Crosses the blood-brain barrier, meaning it can be directly used by neurons

Rhodiola Rosea

300 mg

Shown to protect against the negative effects of stress and fatigue on cognitive function

Derived from a perennial flowering plant and used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Standardized to 5% rosavins and 2% salidrosides, the potency shown to be effective in studies


Take two RISE capsules daily at a consistent time to establish a routine. Best absorption and results are found when RISE is taken with dietary fat (e.g., eggs, nuts, fish oil).

Over consistent supplementation, one may begin seeing increased memory, stamina, and efficiency in cognitive tasks within 2-12 weeks.

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