I apologize on behalf of Nootrobox for temporarily being unable to immediately fulfill your RISE stack. We expect to be back in stock by mid-September.

We've had unprecedented demand and popularity in our nootropics. Our business has grown over 1000% from 2014 to 2015 and over 300% so far in 2016 from 2015.

Our supply chain and our team running it is on point. We've shipped tens of thousands of boxes on time and on schedule. However, we came across potency issues with one of the core ingredients of RISE - Bacopa monnieri (50% bacosides). The bacosides rating is the standardized active compounds within the bacopa monnieri plant. This standardized bacosides rating allows us to account for variation in how bacopa monnieri plants are grown and harvested. This rating is what clinical trials are based on for potency and amount of active dose for effectiveness as well.

As you know, our Quality Control process is at the forefront of the industry. We quarantine and verify materials independently before using them in our products. See our FAQ for a detailed explanation of our full process. In our latest production lot, we had to reject our shipment of bacopa monnieri because it failed to meet specifications (we ran it twice and the material tested 41.6% and 44.8% for bacosides, where we were expecting at least 50%). This caused a production delay.

The status today is that we've now acquired materials that surpass analysis with flying colors and we're now back in production. However, this delay coupled with increased demand and awareness of Nootrobox forced us to backlog RISE for new and existing customers. We apologize for this.

We cannot and will not compromise quality here, even if it means not being able to fulfill and forcing our community to wait.

— Geoffrey Woo, CEO, Nootrobox

Bacopa Potency Report

RM6572 Bacopa Monnieri Extract Lot# 16060149 MFG Lot# CJMCX-A-0444 PO# 72974

RM6572 Lot# 16060149 has been rejected due to failing Total Bacosides results.

Initial result: 41.6 %

Retest result: 44.8 %

Specification: NLT 50 %

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