Thursday, March 10 - We're proud to announce our sponsorship of Gankstars, one of the top-ranked Vainglory teams in the world. Vainglory is the most popular mobile and tablet battle arena game and is rapidly becoming one of the most followed and watched video games globally.

At Nootrobox, we're obsessed about enabling and democratizing human enhancement - especially enhancement of the mind. We're excited about the future and the communities that thrive at society's creative and cultural edge. eSports or professional video gaming is one of those thriving communities, and it's already a massive phenomenon with hundreds of millions of fans. It's clear to me that eSports will soon rival traditional sports for popularity and following.

GO CUBES will be powering Gankstars' efforts as they compete at the Winter Season North American Championship this weekend in Santa Monica, California. Like their traditional athletic counterparts, the Gankstars are world-class competitors at the top of their field, and we're excited to be a part of their toolkit as they compete and push the limits of human performance. Not only are they great competitors, they're good people and we're excited to see Alex Novosad, Ben Watley, and Hamza Najim and the rest of the Gankstars team not only win in competition but also continue to foster and grow the eSports community.

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