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Age: 51

Occupation: Co-founder and CEO

Location: Washington DC

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Mike J. is a problem-solver.

The six-time CEO, venture capitalist, best-selling author and former member of SEAL Team 6 attacks problems relentlessly, whether they’re facing his company, or they’re looking back at him in the mirror. The companies he has founded all address problems he saw in the world: secure private communication, cyber security, or defense and logistics. He takes that same approach to physical and cognitive optimization.

It takes initiative to tackle these problems head-on. How’s Mike do it?

“For me, starting companies is about taking risks. Most people are risk-averse. My view of risk is different than most people,” he said.

That comes from his time in SEAL Team 6. That’s also where his roots are a biohacker were born, with tier-one operators looking for ways to best optimize their bodies. What workouts could they do for better performance? How could they learn to better respond to the stress of battle?

As Mike began to grow as an executive, turns out the physical side of things was only half the problem.

“You see the cognitive decline, and that can cost you,” he said. “Not just money, but leadership ability, memory, making quicker decisions.” As a biohacker by nature, he experimented with numerous supplements, but didn’t find anything that gave him a mental boost—until he began experimenting with the ketogenic diet over a half-decade ago.

Of course, as Mike dove deeper into the world of ketosis, he researched and tried the newest products available. He tried ketone salts, but could only get to 0.4mM blood ketone levels. He also had GI issues. That didn’t work for Mike; he needed the cognitive enhancement of ketosis quicker (and without the side effects).

“That’s why HMVN Ketone Ester is so important to me—I can immediately get into a state of ketosis.”

Mike likes the on-demand ketosis gained from H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester. It’s something he’ll often employ during some of his most demanding tasks as a CEO and founder.

“I’ll drink H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester before long meetings to be sharp, to be full of energy and clarity and focus.”

While the subjective feelings of ketosis are important for Mike, at heart, the data and results are important. He wants to be able to run a 50-mile race. He wants to get to the point where he can lift more weight and have useable strength like he did in his younger years at SEAL Team 6. Mike believes it is absolutely possible to do things now, at 51, that he did at 31.

But Mike knows those goals aren’t reached overnight. Every quarter, he gets his blood tested and records the results. He’s been doing the ketogenic diet for over five years, but he wants to see where his body will be in ten years, in 15 years. Optimization for cognitive and physical performance is his Everest—but the peak keeps getting higher.

Hard work, science, and H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester are helping Mike to the summit.

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