Please join me in welcoming Dr. Latt Mansor as Research Lead at H.V.M.N.

Latt is a metabolism expert and holds a DPhil in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics from the University of Oxford (co-supervised by Professor Kieran Clarke, co-inventor of our Ketone Ester) and a MA in Biotechnology from Columbia University (New York City). His research was on the effect of hypoxia on the metabolism in the type 2 diabetic heart.

It might not be immediately obvious how hypoxia or diabetes relates to our day-to-day work at H.V.M.N., but let me provide some insight:

  1. Hypoxia is an excellent scientific paradigm to study and understand elite performance at extreme conditions. We’re excited to continue supporting the best athletes via H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester and establishing a new gold standard for modernized fueling strategy. Latt will be enabling our product team and research collaborators to maintain our lead in the human performance domain.
  2. Diabetes is one of the major killers of Americans today. If you’ve been following our blog or our podcast, you already know that ketosis and a ketogenic diet are effective nutritional strategies to control (and potentially reverse) type II diabetes. With some of the emerging studies around H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester and ketogenic diets controlling blood sugar, we are increasingly hopeful we can make a contribution to this field.

In addition to his research training, Latt has experience as a startup founder (which comes with all the scars and battle wounds from being scrappy, resilient, and under-resourced) and coordinating clinical trials for a large, multinational pharmaceutical company.

It’s incredibly hard for an individual to gain experience across lab bench science to translational, cross-functional coordination to product development and business development. Latt is one of those rare specimens that covers the gamut. In fact, the US Government considers Latt an “Individual with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement.”

He’s going to level up everything we do, and I’m so excited to see his work make it into your hands.

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