Welcome Chrissy!

Join me in welcoming Chrissy Ensley to Nootrobox! The physical infrastructure behind our business is our company's backbone. Our operations and supply chain sources metric tons of raw materials, manufactures our products to an exacting standard, verifies for quality and contamination, and fulfills tens of thousands of customer orders every month. Everything else we do is built on this backbone, and we're excited to have Chrissy run this function for us moving forward.

What I think is most impressive about Chrissy is her balance between practice and theory. An experienced manufacturing and supply chain operator, Chrissy previously managed contract manufacturing for Plum Organics (a Campbell's owned baby food company), ran scale-up and commercialization engineering at Method products, and played a key role in managing the build out of Method’s first factory in Chicago. On the other hand, she can nerd out with the most technical of folks on the chemistry and processes top-to-bottom through her chemical engineering training at MIT and Stanford, where she earned a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, respectively.

We're excited to work with Chrissy to take our physical operations to the next level!

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