Can HVMN Ketone make athletes feel sick?

Authored by Justin Liau • 
November 16, 2017
 • 2 min read

HVMN Ketone has undergone extensive safety and research testing in humans and the formulation has been improved and refined over time. As a result, there were no GI symptoms that affected athletes ability to exercise in the studies of HVMN Ketone

In studies of HVMN Ketone, no GI symptoms occurred after a one-off drink (Source:

You may have heard of issues raised by a similar study that looked at the performance effects of ketone esters taken before a 31 km cycling time trial. This study found that many of the athletes felt sick after taking the ketone ester and that their performance got worse. Why might this have been different to the results using HVMN Ketone?

  • The ketone ester used was an Acetoacetate Diester (AcAc2 ester). This is a very different compound to the BHB monoester (BHB-ester) used in HVMN Ketone
  • This AcAc2 ester had only been tried in humans a few times. There were no other published human studies of the compound. This means that the actual formulation (i.e taste, texture) of the ester had not undergone very much refinement. In the Australian study the AcAc2 ester caused every participant GI distress. This is likely to be a HUGE confounder in relation to performance, athletes are never going to do well if they feel sick! 
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