How does HVMN Ketone work?

HVMN Ketone rapidly delivers BHB, an ultra bioavailable fuel, directly into your brain and body. 

The ketone ester in HVMN Ketone is broken down in the gut and taken up through a widely expressed transporter (mono carboxylate transporter). One half of the ketone ester is BHB, the other half is a ketone precursor which the liver turns into BHB. The liver can't use BHB as it lacks one of the key enzymes in BHB breakdown (succinyl CoA thiolase). Therefore, BHB passes into the systemic circulation to be used in the brain and body.

Human clinical trials and animal studies published in top international scientific journals demonstrated enhanced physical and cognitive performance and recovery with HVMN Ketone



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HVMN Co-founders Michael Brandt and Geoffrey Woo