Does HVMN Ketone promote weight loss?

Authored by Justin Liau • 
January 18, 2018

We do not make claims for HVMN Ketone for weight loss. HVMN Ketone is sold for use as a sports performance drink.

Drinking HVMN Ketone (exogenous ketosis) is different from your body turning its own fat reserves into ketones (endogenous ketosis). While both will lead to elevated blood ketone levels, the mechanisms of how they do so are different.  

Taking exogenous ketones such as HVMN Ketone actually slows down release of fat from fat tissue. This is a negative feedback effect that normally stops ketone levels getting too high.

When you are in endogenous ketosis (ketogenic state), you are mobilizing fat at a high rate to produce ketones.  

HVMN Ketone is a foodstuff with 120 calories from ketones, which should be accounted for if you are trying to lose weight. 

Compared to an isocaloric (equivalent calorie level) load of carbohydrates, HVMN Ketone has been shown to significantly reduce ghrelin, the hunger hormone [source]. In this study, participants' reported hunger and desire to eat were also significantly suppressed 1.5 hours after consumption of HVMN Ketone, compared with consumption of isoscaloric carbohydrates.

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