Welcome Taylor Maniscalchi

Authored by Geoffrey Woo • 
January 16, 2019
 • 2 min read

Customer success is vital to the success of HVMN. It’s imperative we understand how people are using our products and understand their needs–then, we can meet those needs either with our existing products or developing new products.

I’m excited to welcome Taylor Maniscalchi to our team as Office Manager & Customer Success Lead. She joins us from West Palm Events, Lifetime Fitness and Systems Real Estate Management, where she held operations and customer-centric roles. What makes Taylor unique is her passion for overall human health. Her years of personal fitness and nutrition experience align directly with our community, making her the perfect person to communicate with our customers.

Taylor sits right next to the co-founders at HVMN HQ. She ensures your feedback is heard, accounted for and considered. Next time you reach out the HVMN Customer Service, know you’re communicating with a real person who is an advocate for each and every one of you.

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