Happy holidays from Nootrobox!

December 24, 2014
 • 2 min read

This year has been a tremendous one for Nootrobox. Just this summer, just a few months ago, Nootrobox spawned from an idea. But this idea resonated with everyone on our team: we all have the same amount of time in a day, and while we can’t create more of it, we can, however, optimize and maximize the value out of the limited time we do have. Our business was built around this basic fact, and boy have we made the most out our time so far!

We’ve had a phenomenal first few months. We’ve come from launching our first initial pre-order campaign in May to now having fulfilled thousands of orders and helping thousands of people become more effective. We’ve come from hand-sorting and hand-packing Nootroboxes and driving ZipCars full of Nootroboxes twice a week to the central San Francisco US Postal Service depot in Bay View – Hunter’s Point to now fulfilling within 24 hours out of a professional, automated fulfillment center located in Georgia. We started by working with the smallest possible batches of product to now negotiating directly with the best vendors in the world for the highest-quality, highest-potency nootropics available.

We’re proud of the product, brand, and business we’ve created. We’ve hit the ground fast and furious, and we’re making a splash in not just nootropics but the broader supplements space as a whole. We’re humbled by the momentum and support to date and are doubling everything down into new products, technologies, and initiatives that will take Nootrobox to the next level.

We’re taking a momentary breather to enjoy the holidays with friends and family (in between fulfilling the last minute holiday gifts and orders). But come the new year, let’s do it big. Find your focus.

From our families to yours, Geoff, Michael, and the Nootrobox Team

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