5 Ways Fasting Has Helped My Company

Authored by Geoffrey Woo • 
April 2, 2018

Intermittent fasting has been one of the most important cultural pillars that we’ve built at HVMN. The body of research behind fasting (and its associated effects on ketosis and autophagy) is robust and rapidly growing. The benefits span from improved longevity and metabolic biomarkers (as described in published peer-reviewed studies) to subjective reports of increased focus and productivity (as described anecdotally). It's been over a two-year journey for us, and we expect this cultural component to continue to grow. I'll describe 5 key outcomes from our fasting practice.

I. Discipline

Fasting is not easy. It’s something that our entire team has had to train towards. In a world surrounded by consumption, we’ve basically trained our bodies and minds to expect snacks every couple hours. By incorporating a weekly fast, every member of our organization has developed a greater discipline and self-control. This discipline has cascaded across lifestyle choices: more exercise, less happy hours, healthier diets, elimination of soda and refined sugars. A healthier team ends up becoming a happier and more productive team.

II. Shared Camaraderie

A shared struggle is the best way to build trust and teamwork quickly. Conquering a challenge of a team fast every single week is a good anchor outside of day-to-day work projects for coworkers to support and encourage each other. Breaking a fast together isn't a simple shared meal... it becomes a celebration for completing a common goal.

III. No Afternoon Slump

On fast days, there’s no post-lunch afternoon slump or afternoon team coffee break. Instead of a carb and insulin spike and crash, the team has level energy throughout the entire work-day during a fast. Less interrupts in a deep discussion is important to uncover real insights. HVMN gets a lot done every day; we set and keep an aggressive pace for revenue, research, and partnerships.

IV. Quantitative Approach to Business

We measure our glucose and ketone levels while we do our fasts through continuous monitors or finger stick devices. This is more ‘biohacker’ than what most people might want to experiment with, but the focus on quantitative results is important. We run our company quantitatively with key performance measures of happy customers, top-line revenues, churn rates on cohorts, etc. A culture of quantitatively measuring our own metabolic health helps us default ‘think quantitatively’ as we operate as a business and operate as a research-driven organization.

V. Seeding our Community

Every business is supported by a core community of customers, supporters, and followers. Our company serves people that want to improve their work productivity and health biomarkers. By committing to a weekly fast ourselves, we inadvertently created a weekly rhythm that our community can participate in and join in on. We’ve opened our fast to the community and now we have tens of thousands of people in our online community. This makes our community a real dynamic entity, rather than a phony corporate initiative. This has been a huge asset for us, as we have had real conversations with our community to help us to evolve and improve our product line and services. You can join the WeFast Facebook Group here.

How has intermittent fasting helped you personally? Let us know in the comments, and happy fasting.

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HVMN Co-founders Michael Brandt and Geoffrey Woo