Quantified Self

Authored by Robert Chen • 
August 22, 2016
 • 2 min read

Quantified Self is the movement to track data generated by one's body, and use that data to optimize its performance. It is our prediction that quantified self will grow heavily in interest and will play an increasing role in our lives in the coming years. As sensors become more ubiquitous and data becomes easier to gather and analyze, the adoption of quantified self practices will inevitably skyrocket. For any individual, the future of quantified self will entail large amounts of data capture from heterogeneous sources including sensors and user-supplied context information, which will be analyzed and interpreted with large scale data analytics strategies to provide the individual with actionable insights on the best course of action in order to optimize mental and physical performance.

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Quantified Self from a Data Science Perspective

Humans that pay attention to themselves may be able to perform better than those who do not. Quantified self refers to the concept of tracking one's own physiological and mental states, and perturbations or changes thereof, in hopes to guide oneself towards making data-driven decisions to improve performance and well-being. (Learn more)

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