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July 10, 2016
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In this compendium, we seek to establish a comprehensive resource for you to understand how the domains of cognition sum to make you who you are. Our goal is to produce a guide by which you can learn how to improve and optimize yourself. Below you will find concise descriptions of the domains that create the mind, the latest scientific literature around the biological determinants influencing these domains, and expertly-curated content of the most effective means to modulate your cognition. Learn to become more resilient to stress, focus professionally, and be a more social animal.

“Once we have isolated the computational and neurological correlates of access-consciousness, there is nothing left to explain. It's just irrational to insist that sentience remains unexplained after all the manifestations of sentience have been accounted for, just because the computations don't have anything sentient in them. It's like insisting that wetness remains unexplained even after all the manifestations of wetness have been accounted for, because moving molecules aren't wet. ― Steven Pinker, How the Mind Works

We all know the immense challenge it is to modify your behavior, whether it is exercising regularly, eating healthily, or working diligently. However, there is a misconception in society today around the immutability of cognition.

You can change your behavior. With self-determination, fitness coaches, social networking, mobile applications, nootropics, and other resources, there are more tools out there than ever to improve your way of thinking. Here we present the best tools to accomplish your cognitive goals with an emphasis on nootropic interventions; experimentally vetted approaches that you can take to improve your life. We hope you find this roadmap useful and engaging. And we look forward to your feedback as we constantly improve the Biohacker Guide.

Our goal with this resource is to provide for you a roadmap to understanding your mind, and controlling it. We hope you find it useful and engaging. And we look forward to your feedback as we constantly improve this Biohacker Guide.

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