Extraversion vs. Introversion

Authored by Robert Chen • 
July 10, 2016
 • 2 min read

One axis on which we can study personality is on a scale ranging from extraversion to introversion.

What is extraversion?

Extraversion refers to lots of interaction with the outside world. People that are extraverted, love being around others. They start conversations with people, like being the life of the party, feel comfortable around others and draw energy from others.

What is introversion?

Introversion refers to taking an interest and focus on your own life. People that are introverted, derive energy from being by themselves. Introverts love activities done in solitude, like reading, composing music, playing computer games, or running by themselves. Introverts like to do a lot of self-reflection on their own lives.

Just because there are two ends of this spectrum, doesn’t mean you have to fall in one or the other. Many people can exhibit characteristics of both!

Genetics of extraversion

There are a number of candidate genes that may be implicated in traits for extraversion, discovered by GWAS studies. Known associations include genes for norepinephrine transporters, proteins involved in circadian rhythm control, and proteins with anti-inflammatory properties. (Learn more)

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